Jimbo Fisher’s Split-Back Counter and Zone Extra Run Game

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With the heralded match up between Florida State and Alabama a couple of weeks away, I decided to sit down and study one of the most intriguing offenses in the nation, Florida State’s. Since Jimbo Fisher has taken over in Tallahassee as the Head Coach the offenses have been electric, often resembling what is seen on Sunday’s in the NFL.

Zone Extra

One of the first plays that pop up on film for Florida State is what is known as ‘Zone Extra’ to Jimbo Fisher. This is an inside zone play that features a wide receiver motioning into the weak side of the backfield to cut off the backside defensive end. The play received its name Zone ‘Extra’ due to the fullback being an extra blocker in the scheme. The fullback has the same read as the running back. He is taught to go where he would run the football. The following is how Jimbo teaches the fullback to read the play;

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New England Patriots “Point” Front and Cover 1 Funnel


The evolution of the Tight End position in the NFL has changed defenses in an astronomical way. Gone are the days of teams using (3-4, 4-3) base defense on first and second down with sub defenses sprinkled in on passing downs. The Tight End position has created a position in itself on the defense side of the ball referred to as a “Nickel Safety.”

In an effort to slow down these world class athletes Nick Saban and Bill Belichick have turned to a defensive front that the two may or may not have created in their tenure in Cleveland. The first time the “Point” front showed up in a playbook was in Nick Saban’s 2001 LSU Playbook.

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New England’s Empty Passing Game

Josh McDaniels

Over the course of Tom Brady’s career with the New England, the Patriots have relied heavily on throwing the ball. When watching New England it is apparent right away how much they will pick teams apart out of an empty formation. What makes their empty sets so hard to defend is they’ll go to it out of any personnel they have in the game whether that be 10, 11, 12, 21, 20, 22, etc.

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Don Brown’s Kamikaze Web & Bill Belichick’s Tampa 2 Corner Blitz

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With his arrival in Ann Arbor this past fall, Don Brown did not disappoint as he led Michigan to the #1 ranked defense in college football this past season. Brown approaches defense the way offensive coordinators approach offense. His schemes are very creative and he will continue to play aggressive for four quarters.

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